Column Base Options for Your Structure

Perma Column

Perma-Column products are engineered to offer strong and durable foundation systems that meet market demands for permanent solutions. Perma-Columns are precast concrete columns that are an alternative to preservative-treated wood thus ensuring the structural integrity of your building’s foundation

Perma-Columns Post Frame Construction

Post Protector

Post-frame construction has spread throughout American life. It is even said to quickly becoming a go-to method for many building construction projects. Post Protector™ gives these buildings longevity that in the past they didn’t have. Their support posts can now be free from decan weakening the structure.

Post Protector Construction Support

Concrete Pole Barn Footers

If you build any structure and you don’t use a concrete footer, your building will suffer from major problems. Concrete footers give your support posts the foundation they need to keep your building standing strong. The weight of the structure is spread out in the footer and they don’t sink into the ground.

Concrete Pole Barn Footers

FootingPad Footers

FootingPad footers offer excellent support for any building or structure. They are easier to work with than their concrete counterparts but offer many of the same benefits if not more. They are constructed for strength and durability and they come in different sizes to choose from depending on your project.

FooterPad Footer wood post