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Engineered Building Solutions is a premier manufacturer of exposed-fastener metal roofing and siding panels for post frame and pole barn building materials supplies throughout the New York, New England, and Pennsylvania region.

As a privately-owned owned company, EBS is tirelessly committed to providing our dealers with the highest quality products in the marketplace. Our extensive post frame engineering and product knowledge combined with years of industry experience ensures that we are uniquely capable of partnering with our dealers to address their customers questions and concerns and ultimately help to grow their business.

All EBS products are produced using state of the art equipment and backed by industry leading warranties. Your customer’s will have peace of mind knowing that their EBS metal roofing and siding products will not only meet their current needs, but stand the test of time through decades of reliable service.

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Metal Roofing & Siding From Engineered Building Solutions

Engineered Building Solutions manufacturers metal roofing and siding for agricultural, commercial, and residential post-frame and pole barn building applications. Our complete line of products is sold exclusively through our network of premier building materials and products suppliers across New York State, New England, and Pennsylvania, assuring end-user contractors and building owners exceptional product performance, long-lasting value, and quality-assured peace-of-mind.


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